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Top 10 Home insurance companies in US (America)

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Home insurance is must on today’s date as owning a home is a rewarding endeavor.  There are so many insurance companies in the USA who claims to provide better services, policies and discount. But only few stand by their side. Some claims are fake. Home insurance protects damaged property if it is damaged or lost and also provide coverage to the injured family members as well.

Best Home insurance companies in US (America)

Today I am going to tell about the top 10 of the best rated home insurance company. These are:

1. Allstate:

Allstate is among the one of the largest insurance company of America. Along with providing  home insurance, Allstate provides many other types of insurances like auto, life and many more.
You can access Allstate across America, so it is a convenient choice for everyone living in the America. They provide a high level of services to their customers. They are best known for traditional home owners, condo owners and mobile home owners.

2. State Farm:

If you are a smart decision maker, then you should go for the State Farm insurance company. They have a good reputation in the market. They are good at the traditional home owner, farm owner, condo owners, mobile home owners. They give discounts to people  who are claim free and use many state farm policies.

3. Home site:

Home site was founded in 1997. It is among the one of the new home insurance companies. They focus on providing insurances to the people for their residences.  They are excellent for traditional  home owners and condo owners.
As it is a new company, they are building their reputation year by year. They do not offer services for farm and mobile homes as they are new in the market. They are very friendly and accessible.

4. Farmers:

Farmers insurance company was founded in 1928. They are excellent service providers. They provide service are 24 hours a day. They are getting expensive day by day due to their large area providing service. They are good for condo, mobile home and traditional home owners.

5. Nationwide:

It was founded in 1925.  They offer an excellent discount up to 20% to homeowners.  They are best for farm, condo and traditional home owners.  Nationwide is a very large company in America. They are quicker than most insurance companies as they process claims very fast. They also provide brand new belongings services.

6. Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual is one of the oldest company of America. It was started in 1912.  Liberty Mutual is a very trusted company. They are good for providing insurance to condo owners, mobile home owners, farm owners and traditional home owners.

7. Hartford:

The Hartford insurance company is a multi departmental company.They provide several types of insurances like traditional home owners, condo owners. Their major drawback is that it is home insurance company but majorly focus on auto insurances. HartFord was founded in 1810.


AAA is a convenient option for people living in the USA. It is basically an auto insurance company, but it also provides home insurances to the people. They provide insurance to condo owners and traditional  home owners. They have many employees who corporate with their customers very well. As it is an auto insurance company, they have to prove more in the insurance market as a home insurance company.

9. USAA:

USAA was founded in 1922. They offer good priced policies specially to the members of the military and their family members. They provide insurance for condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners and traditional home owners. Sometime policy holders are not happy with the policies of the company.

10. American Family Insurance:

They provide a wide range of insurance policies and  services in more than 19 states of the USA.  It is not a convenient option for everyone as it is not offered in all the states of America. They provide insurance for mobile home owners, condo, farm and traditional home owners. This insurance company won many awards such as gold level award and outstanding participation award.

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So, these are top 10 home insurance companies in US. I hope you got an idea. Feel free to ask any question via comments. And also, stay tuned on this blog for more Home insurance posts.


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