Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to Auto Insurance, you will surely love to get answered.

Question: What if I Choose Not to Purchase any Car Insurance and Still continue driving My Car?

Answer: There are different Laws in every state regarding this, But in the majority states, you will be fined for this. There is a clear Law, which makes it compulsory for you to purchase Auto Insurance, if you are not doing so, then you are breaking Rules and you will be fined for breaking rules. You may be loosing your driving license or your car may be impounded or you will end up in the police records for breaking laws.

If there is an accident without having auto insurance purchased, then you might face big trouble as you may need to take all expenses of the damage you done to the other vehicle in the accident and it might cost you huge Dollars. So, it was highly recommended that, you should not drive a car without Buying Auto Insurance.

Question: Who is covered Under my Auto Insurance? Do I need to List all of them in the policy (Family and Friends who Uses My Car)?

Answer: There are two different things applicable in this. You will need to need list all your family members or your Girlfriend whom you are living with, in Insurance Policy to get covered, but your friends who you trust or your Girlfriend who does not live with you, can use your Car with your permission and they will be covered under the insurance. But this depends on Policy type. So, better consult with your Insurance consultant regarding this for better knowledge.

Question: What are Car Financial Responsibility Laws?

Answer: Under this Law, you need to prove that you are financially able to Pay any amount which you need to pay, in case of any penalty or any other problem where you are responsible while driving your Car. In some states, you need to give a large cash deposit for the DMV to showcase that you are financially responsible or you can also show this by Purchasing an Auto Insurance. The majority people follow insurance way to comply with this responsibility Law.

Do I receive Rental Car Under Insurance Converge after Car Accident?

Answer: Well, It will depend on your Insurance Policy you bought. If the Option is added in the Policy, then you can get a rental Car up-to 30 days until you own Car is being repaired. If you haven’t added this option, then you can consult with the your Insurance Agent if He added this option by himself or not. If he didn’t, then you will not receive any Rental Car insurance Coverage.

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