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Top 10 auto insurance companies in US (America)

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Auto insurance is a type of insurance in which in case of accident of vehicle, financial protection is given against any physical damage to the vehicle or bodily injury in case of collision between the vehicles. It is a type of contract between insurance company and particular person who insured his auto mobile.
Medical payment is also given in case of accident of insured party. Insured party will pay minimum premium and in terms of that Insurance companies will pay for loss. There are so many insurance companies in America who provide insurance. Most insurance companies offer minimum discount.
Today I am going to tell about some of the top 10 auto insurance companies in USA.

Top 10 auto insurance companies in America (US)


USAA company was rated highest by the customers according to the survey of Forrester Research, inc. They provide award winning service which is co mandible. They provide guaranteed repairs at thousands of the USA locations. They give insurance assistance on tire replacement, for towing, etc. Insurance is very must when you become a new driver in your teenage.

2) State farm

State Farm Mutual Auto mobile Insurance Company is considered one of the best car insurance company. They receive high insurance of cars due to financial strength. 81% customers recommend this insurance company according to the conducted surveys. They provide good student car discount insurance. If you get good grades, you can save up to 25%. They also provide multiple vehicle discount car insurance.

3) Farmers

If you want to insure your vehicle, Farmers auto insurance is good choice. They have long list of discounts on auto insurance which will saves your money. Their service is open 24 hours a day throughout the week. This company is started 85 years ago so they are trustworthy and knowledgeable.


Government Employee insurance company was started in 1936. 75% Customers recommend this auto insurance company to you. They also offer many auto insurance discounts. Save you money if you are illeageable for theirs discount offers. They also provide special discounts and premium reduction offers to the military, employee, students and to people over the age of 50.

5) Auto Club of Southern California

This insurance company was founded in 1900. Presently they are the California’s largest insurers. They are the largest member of AAA Federation of motor clubs.  81 % customers recommend auto club of southern California according to insure.com conducted survey.

6) Nationwide

Nationwide is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 76 % customers recommend this insurance company. This company give written guarantee on repairs.They give discount for defensive driving, accident free discount up  to 10 %. They also offer good student and farm Bureau discounts.

7)Liberty Mutual

Liberty mutual like other insurance companies provide road side assistance and life time repair guarantee. They give additional coverage so that you can get extra protection. If some one is a teacher, he will be given special coverage options. Small coverage is also offered if your car damages someone else’s property.

8) All State

All State provide quality protection. They give user friendly services. 78% customers recommend All State. They give 2 bonus checks for safe driving in a year. They also offer many roadside services.

9) American Family

American Family is private mutual insurance company which was founded in 1927. They have slogan ‘ All your protection under one roof ‘. They are selected as recipient of Teen Driving Leadership Award. It is 4 star insurance company.

10) The Hartford

The Hartford insurance company give 24 hours claims reporting service.  Save up to 3 % if you have air bags in your car. Save up 5% for defensive driving for the next 3 years after completing approved defensive driving course. They also give good student (up to 15%), driver training(up to 10%), vehicle fuel type discounts(up to 5%).

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So, that’s it for today. Don’t forget to comment below with your feedback and also, stay tuned on this blog to get more auto insurance news. Cheers.

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